Which Sanitizer is Best for My Hot Tub?

Which is better for my hot tub, chlorinating concentrate, brominating concentrate, or non-chlorine/bromine shock?

When it comes to keeping the water in your hot tub clean, what products are the best, and which chemicals should you use? It really comes down to preference. We recommend SpaGuard® Chlorinating Concentrate, SpaGuard® Brominating Concentrate, or Soft Soak® Shock Oxidizer.

SpaGuard® Chlorinating Concentrate

SpaGuard® Chlorinating Concentrate sanitizes and disinfects spas and oxidizes contaminants. It acts as a sanitizer and an oxidizer in one. It may be directly added directly to the spa, and there is no pre-dissolving needed. It works faster to kill contaminants in the water, but for a shorter period of time.

SpaGuard® Brominating Concentrate

Brominating Concentrate provides effective bromine disinfection, oxidizes organic wastes, and kills algae. It does act as a sanitizer and an oxidizer. It may also be directly added to the spa, and there is no pre dissolving needed. It kills contaminants more slowly but for a longer period of time. It can also help keep the water chemistry more balanced due to its low pH level. Bromine is more ideal for higher temperatures than chlorine.

Soft Soak® Shock

A third option would be Soft Soak® Shock. This is an oxidizer for removing or breaking down undesirable organic compounds that can be introduced into your spa from body oils and debris. It enhances water clarity and effectively oxidizes organic waste. This option is chlorine and bromine-free.

All of these options are ideal for making that hot tub sparkle. If you are not sure about which one to use, contact us today or stop by one of our stores!

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