Which Algicide Should I Use?

The addition of algicide is needed for proper pool maintenance. Sanitizers or shock/oxidizers alone may not keep algae at bay and this step is needed to keep your pool completely clear of any growth. This is the third part of the BioGuard 3-Step Pool Care System.

If Your Pool is Green

BioGuard® Banish®

Banish® is fast-acting and a non-foaming algaecide and you may see results in 24hours after application.

It is safe to use in all pool types and all pool filters

Recommended for killing and controlling green, blue-green (frequently called black or spot algae) and mustard algae growths.

BioGuard® Algae Complete®

Algae Complete® is a great product to prevent algae and it also can be put in if your pool is already green. It is Bioguard’s® most complete and best performing algaecide.

 It has dual active ingredients that both prevent and kill algae.

It is non-staining and non-foaming.

The value-sized 72 oz. bottle provides enough product to keep your water protected over a full season.

How Do You Prevent an Algae Bloom?

Use these products alongside your shock/oxidizer.

BioGuard Algae All 60®

Algae All 60 is specifically used to prevent algae from blooming. It is excellent to use for pools that have spas or fountains attached.

It works in all pool types and filter types and helps prevent all algae types.

BioGuard Back Up® 2

Back up 2 is used to help prevent algae. Its powerful wetting agent and surfactant help it work into cracks and crevices.

It is not recommended to use with the pools that have attached spas or waterfalls.

Find all of our algicide products are available in our stores in Chester, NJ and Hackettstown, NJ or for your convenience you can purchase online and get it delivered or reserved for pickup.

For optimal water quality and the best hot tub care assistance in the area, have your water tested at one of our stores at least once every two weeks.

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