What are you looking for in a Hot Tub?

Searching for a Hot Tub?

Shopping and searching for a hot tub can be overwhelming.  Once you purchase a hot tub it will be with you for many years.  Considering the following questions will help you find the perfect hot tub for you.

Where will you be placing your hot tub?

Whether it’s on a paver patio, a concrete pad or a deck, your location needs to be level and sturdy.  Hot tubs are heavy. When filled with water a large hot tub can weigh 5,000 + lbs. If you choose an indoor location, make sure there is plenty of ventilation.

What is the purpose of your hot tub?

How many people will use the tub at one time?  Hydrotherapy? Relaxation? Family Time?  You may decide an  “All Season Hot Tub” or “Swim Spa” may meet your needs more than a regular hot tub.


Just because a hot tub has  a lot of jets doesn’t make it better, in fact, too many jets may not serve your purpose.  Having fewer jets that concentrate on your feet, wrist, and lower back would serve you better than having jets which do not target your place of need.

What kind of convenience do you want?

A SmartTub® app on your phone? Cup holders? Step railing? Cover lifter?  High/low pressure jets? The little things can make a big difference in using your tub.

What is your budget?

If your budget is low then you may need to pass on some of the upgrades while still getting a quality hot tub.  Financing can be a great option if you take advantage of special financing programs where you can get the upgrades and pay overtime.

There are many questions to consider when shopping for a hot tub. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to provide guidance when shopping for a hot tub.

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