Update – How We’re Coping with COVID-19 In Our Retail Stores

It’s a new world and we’re doing business in new ways. But, the essentials for the care and feeding of your pool or hot tub haven’t changed at all.

Get Your Water Tested

First, having your water tested is essential. When your pool or hot tub is opened and then regularly every 2 or 3 weeks during the season, it’s important to bring your water to the store and have us test it. And you should test your water at home every few days to insure that the chlorine and pH levels are in the proper range.

Effective June 15, you are now permitted to enter our stores, however we ask that you observe social distancing and wear a mask. We are limiting the number of customers in the store to 6 at a time, so we may request that you remain outside until other customer have left.

If you wish to remain outside the store and not enter, please stay in the parking lot until we have either spoken to you from an appropriate social distance or you have called us on the phone. In Chester, please call 908-888-2977. In Hackettstown, please call 908-850-8545.

Rin Robyn Pools staff going over water test results with a customer over the phone
Rin Robyn Pools Staff Reviewing Water Test Results over the Phone

If you wish to remain outside the store, please have your water sample labeled with your name, address and cellphone on it so that we can identify it in our database and call you after we’ve completed the test.

If you’re a first timer, we’ll need to ask you some questions either over the phone or from a social distance in our parking lot to get your pool or hot tub system into our database.

Get Your Pool and Hot Tub Chemicals

Rin Robyn Pools has to wide selection of BioGuard pools chemicals
Our Wide Selection of BioGuard Pool Chemicals

Or, we have developed an app that allows you to purchase your pool chemicals online. You can find it on our website and you can CLICK HERE to see it.

Order Pool Care Products Online

You can specify that you’ll pickup in our store’s parking lot, or you can have us deliver to your home. Orders for over $500 will have free delivery (in our local area).

Do You Need Parts?

But, what about parts? Keeping your system hardware running is essential to the safe operation of your pool or hot tub. And all too frequently pool and hot tub hardware breaks down and parts are needed to fix it. Parts, especially difficult to identify parts, are always a problem, even when you can bring them into the store.

Live Chat on Our Website

So, to help with that, we’ve brought up a Live Chat feature on our RinRobyn.com website. We recommend taking a picture of the problem hardware and then interacting with the Live Chat feature and emailing photographs to info@rinrobyn.com. Our Live Chat operator will research the issue, ask questions, etc., and attempt to solve your problem by finding the right parts. You can then pick them up in our parking lot. If we need to bring the parts in from our warehouse or the manufacturer, we’ll do our best to expedite the order and notify you when the hardware has come into our store.

Have Fun this Summer!

We want you to enjoy your pool or hot tub and look forward to a fun summer with family enjoying a staycation in your own backyard. We’re all in this together, let’s make the best of it!

One of Rin Robyn Pools Hot Tub Showrooms
Our Hot Tub Showroom in Chester, NJ
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