Too Much Chlorine? Use Chem-out

While many pool owners struggle with keeping acceptable chlorine or bromine levels high enough, there are a few owners who struggle with bringing that level down especially after super chlorination or an algae treatment.

While there are organic options to bring down chlorine and bromine levels, sometimes the situation can call for a chemical agent to help in these situations we use BioGuard® Chem-out.

Before using Chem-out, try lowering your chlorine level through these steps.

  • Leave your pool or hot tub uncovered so that the sunlight can eat and dissolve chlorine and bromine.
  • Turning down your automatic chlorinator or completely shutting it off if you already are at the lowest level.
  • Turn to non-chlorinated or non-brominated shocks like Oxysheen or Shock-Oxidizer that specifically does not contain bromine.

Chlorine or Bromine reduction

  1. Test the available chlorine (or bromine) in the water.
  2. To calculate the ppm of available chlorine that must be removed from the pool, subtract 3 ppm from the free residual of the pool. The resulting number is the amount of free chlorine you must remove before it is safe to swim.
  3. See dosage chart on product label for amount to add per ppm available chlorine/bromine to neutralize. Use 1/2 the dosage to for reducing the bromine residual. The measuring cup provided with the product measures 2 oz. increments.
  4. Add product directly to the pool scattering around the edge of pool. Do not add through the skimmer.
  5. Keep the pump on running.

SoftSwim® C reduction

  1. To neutralize 27 ppm SoftSwim® C, add 6 oz. of Chem-Out® per 10,000 gallons.

Chem-out will clear out any remaining sanitizer in your water. Take caution when you add Chem-out. You need to add only the amount recommended on the back of the bottle. If you add too much, the Chem-out will stay in your water, killing any chlorine or bromine that you add for the rest of the season. Be sure to test your water regularly and give Chem-out a day or so to take the chlorine out.

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