The Big Green Egg

Has your cooking game been lacking lately? Do you need to revamp the way you cook? We have the perfect solution for you! The Big Green Egg is a cooking experience you will love. It is known as the original, American-designed, ceramic cooker. It works as a grill, an oven, and even a smoker! They range in size, from a mini egg to a 2XL. You can get any size that would fit your needs.

The Big Green Egg was derived from an ancient device known as the “kamado”. Do you want to sear the perfect steaks, ribs, or burgers? With the EGG, you can reach very high temperatures, such as 750 degrees. It makes your grilling experience easy. You’ll love how the meats turn out, tender and bursting with flavor. Even though you have the perfect spot for grilling those steaks, you can now cook pizza, pies, and cobblers in the EGG.

Instead of being stuck inside baking that bread, you can enjoy the serenity of nature outside while your food is in the egg. While it retains heat, moisture will be locked in ensuring your food does not dry out. Poultry, vegetables, and beef will be even more flavorful with all those flavors locked in.

After you’ve baked and grilled those meats, time to add a bit of smoke. With the insulating ceramics, you can control the temperature at low heat. As you lower that heat to around 200-350 degrees, your turkey, chicken, ribs, or any of your favorite cuts will be infused with that irresistible, woodsy flavor. This ceramic cooker will allow you to slow-cook those meats at low temperatures for extended periods of time.

Why wait, when you can purchase one today! For EGGS, eggcessories, and more, visit Rin Robyn today. We are proud to be an authorized Big Green Egg dealer. Come in for an eggceptional experience!

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