Jacuzzi® J-13 Power Play Swim Spa

The Jacuzzi® Swim Spa PowerPlay™ is unique and offers two functions in one. This swim spa is ideal for training and relaxation with family and friends. Being that it is only 13ft long it can easily fit in small areas compared to other swim spas on the market. When purchasing this swim spa you get … Read more

Jacuzzi® PowerPro Swimspas (Year around Pool)

Jacuzzi model j16

The Jacuzzi® PowerPro Collection of Swimspas, also known as year around pools, offers a high-performance swim experience, combining top of the line aquatic technology with the therapeutic power of Jacuzzi® PowerPro® jets. We are showing the J16 model at our Chester store. It has a 2,378-gallon capacity, 4 seats, 26 hydrotherapy jets, 4 pumps are … Read more