Fountain of Youth

Maybe the secret to eternal youth was swimming all along.  Individuals who swim 3-5 times a week have been shown to have improved blood pressure, muscle mass, pulmonary function, and blood chemistry.  Photo by Carlos Felipe Vericat Sanz on Unsplash These metrics typically get worse as aging continues, but those who often swim postpone the … Read more

Social Benefits of a Pool

Pools offer many different social aspects in relation to both family and friends.  The pool can act as a setting for family visits, celebrations, and even the most casual get-togethers.  Photo by Ash Dowie on Unsplash It can also be an educational opportunity for young children, or a place for some friendly competition.  Photo by … Read more

The Real Estate Value of Owning a Pool

Not only will building a pool on your property bring the fun you’re looking for right to your backyard, having an inground pool can increase the overall value of your property.  The value increase of possessing a pool can sometimes even surpass the price of the pool itself – not to mention the value of … Read more

Fox Pool Corp Dealer Seminar 2022

Allen and Linda Schnaak, James and Hae-Sun Robyn attended the Fox Pool Corp 2022 Dealer Seminar in St Petersburg, Florida. Rin Robyn Pools® has been a Fox Pool Dealer for 52 years. In addition to the steel and concrete pool systems that Fox manufactures, Fox also manufactures the vault for the BioNova® BF4 biological filtration … Read more

Increasing your PH and Calcium Hardness

Balance Pak 200 is used for raising your PH levels. Keeping your PH balanced will help protect your equipment from corrosion and help to keep your vinyl liner from wrinkling. You can also prevent eye irritation by keeping your PH at its proper level. Balance Pak 300 is used to bring up your calcium hardness … Read more

What is a Salt Water Pool?

Salt water pool image with a beach chair

There are several misconceptions about salt pools. The first is that it is an alternative to chlorine. Most customers who call to inquire about converting their pool “from chlorine to salt”. A salt pool is a chlorine pool in every way. The simple explanation is that the salt cell converts the sodium chloride in the … Read more

Do we offer water testing?

Water testing example with test tubes and showing the reaction of reagents in the water.

Rin Robyn Pools offers water testing in all of our locations, Chester and Hackettstown, using state of the art BioGuard ALEX® Professional Water Testing. Fill up a clean testing bottle and bring the water to the store.  The best water samples  are drawn elbow deep below the water surface. Once the results of your water … Read more