Pool Water Testing

BioGuard Products

Rin Robyn Pools offers water testing in all of our locations, Chester and Hackettstown, using state of the art BioGuard ALEX® Professional Water Testing. Fill up a clean testing bottle and bring the water to the store.  The best water samples  are drawn elbow deep below the water surface. Once the results of your water … Read more

Preventing Staining & Build-Up

Pool Magnet Plus is a metal stain protector. This chemical prevents and removes stains caused by iron, copper and manganese. It will help get rid of any discolored water caused by metals. Pool Magnet Plus is an easy to apply highly concentrated formula. BioGuard® Pool Magnet® Plus Benefits Prevents stains caused by metals Removes fresh … Read more

Maytronic Dolphin Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

M600 with Caddy

Are you getting tired of vacuuming your swimming pool yourself? Would you like to have a robotic cleaner? With the Maytronic Dolphin Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, the hassle of doing it yourself disappears.  Cleaning a pool yourself is a lot of hard work.  From installing fittings, untangling cords and hoses, adjusting water flow and pressure, watching that filter basket, it is very tedious. 

ALEX Water Testing

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Bioguard® designed a computerized water analysis system that gives you precise numbers on your alkalinity, PH, chlorine/bromine, phosphate, hardness, cyanuric acid, and metals. All you need to do to get your water tested is bring in a water sample of your pool or spa to one of our Rin Robyn Pool locations! Bioguard’s ALEX water … Read more

Is Cleaning Your Pool Filter Important?

Does cleaning my filter regularly really make that much of a difference? YES! A clean filter allows for proper filtration to happen. Having proper filtration is KEY to have your pool stay healthy and clean throughout the season. Having a regular cleaning schedule will help to keep you on track and increase the life expectancy … Read more


When phosphate levels rise above 1,000 ppb, a dose of POOL JUICE ZERO will quickly lower them to acceptable levels as soon as 24 hours after application. The 32oz. bottle contains enough product to remedy a 20k-gallon pool and the treatment process is simple – add the product, watch it work its way through the … Read more


Calcium carbonate scale (the brighter white) and calcium phosphate scale (the yellow scale)

When phosphate levels get too high it can create dull, cloudy or hazy water conditions. And, if your pool has high pH and calcium hardness levels, it can contribute to the formation of harmful calcium phosphate scales on surfaces and equipment in any type of pool. But this is especially problematic for saltwater pools.