Spa Maintenance Tips

Circulation, Filtration, Cleaning and Chemical Treatments are important factors to take into consideration when trying to keep your spa water crystal clear. Circulation is important to remove any stuck debris. It’s also important to ensure that chemicals are thoroughly distributed. Filtration includes cartridge filters. Because they catch the dirt, sweat and oils released in a … Read more

Spa Sanitizers to Clear Water

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Brominating Concentrate Single step, quick dissolving, bromine concentrate has no chlorine odor. This acts as a sanitizer and oxidizer which eliminates the need for multiple chemicals. It is easy to use with no pre-dissolution needed. You can add this into your hot tub while your pump is running. Benefits Instant bromine for spa water Acts … Read more

Hot Tubs in Stock

Rin Robyn Pools Chester, NJ Showroom

With the temperatures dipping it is the perfect time to add a hot tub to your home! Rin Robyn Pools has a variety of hot tubs available for delivery! Rin Robyn Pools® is the premier Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs dealer in Northern New Jersey. We have showrooms at our Hackettstown, NJ and Chester, NJ locations. We … Read more

What Type of Hot Tub Should I Buy?

When thinking about buying a hot tub, there are many things to consider before making that big purchase. Some things to consider are how many people will be using the hot tub? How many seats would you like? What model and color do you want? Do you have any muscle groups that you want to be targeted for relief? Once you have those answers, you are ready to begin your search for the perfect hot tub!