We install high quality, adaptable above ground pools

Whether you want an above ground pool or an in-ground look, we have the answer. Our above-ground pool manufacturer, Doughboy Pools, boasts strength and quality that are unmatched in the industry.  Doughboy Pools is the only pool manufacturer in the world that fabricates all its parts in-house from raw materials.  When we install new pools, our focus is on pool longevity, ease of maintenance, safety, and a great experience for our customers.

Available pool sizes and options

Size ranges available

Rounds: 8' to 28' dia.
Ovals: 18'x12' to 41'x21'

Rail materials

High strength, less expensive, shorter expected lifetime

Cool to the touch, more expensive, longer expected lifetime

Wall heights

48" Steel
52" Steel or Resin
52" Steel or Resin with In-Steps
54" Resin

We would be happy to answer any of your questions regarding above-ground pools.
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