Spa Maintenance Tips

Circulation, Filtration, Cleaning and Chemical Treatments are important factors to take into consideration when trying to keep your spa water crystal clear.

Circulation is important to remove any stuck debris. It’s also important to ensure that chemicals are thoroughly distributed.

Filtration includes cartridge filters. Because they catch the dirt, sweat and oils released in a spa it is important to regularly clean your cartridge with a garden hose.

Cleaning a spa involves several steps including skimming the surface for any noticeable debris. Wiping the walls of the spa is also an important task to ensure all oils and scum are removed.

Testing the spa’s water is another important step. This allows you to keep the spa in an optimal sanitizing state. You can use SpaGuard Test Strips or bring a water sample into one of our locations and get a professional ALEX analysis.

Spa owners need to follow specific chemical routines to ensure clean water. Spa chemistry includes water balance, sanitizers and oxidizers.

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