Hot Tub Opening and Closing Service

Rin Robyn Pools® provides many pool and hot tub services including our Hot Tub Opening and Hot Tub Closing services. We take the hassle out of maintaining your hot tub.

Hot Tub Opening

  • Vacuum out any accumulated water
  • Reinstall all plugs
  • Attach interior equipment
  • Fill Hot Tub
  • Start and test all equipment
  • Balance spa water (chemicals are available at additional cost)

Hot Tub Closing

  • Drain Hot Tub
  • Blow out plumbing
  • Remove and store drain plugs
  • Disconnect heaters and pumps
  • Add antifreeze where needed
  • Cover Hot Tub
  • Plastic wrap freestanding spas

You can sign up online and one of our service technicians will contact you to schedule your service.

Hot Tub Chemicals for Your Hot Tub - Pickup or Delivery

All in all, it’s pretty straightforward and the only difference is that everything is accomplished through a “No Contact” exchange in the store’s parking lot.

Or you can purchase your Hot Tub chemicals from our online store. You can pay then pickup or have them delivered.