Save on pool energy costs!

Conventional heating system
The heater is plumbed in series after the skimmers/drains and before the inlets.


Flow Reversal system
A single pipe section and valves are added to return heated water through the lowest drains.


  • Minimal modification to existing plumbing
  • Reduces heating time by 66%
  • Reduces heating cost by 66%
  • Heat reaches into deep water
  • Provides a higher average water temperature

About the System

Swimming pools and spas are generally plumbed to draw water from the lowest point and return it at a higher point, usually near the surface.

In the case of a swimming pool, the system usually includes a skimmer for drawing a portion of the circulating water from the upper surface. This arrangement facilitates cleaning of the water, and is almost universally employed.

As a consequence of the “top-down” arrangement with a skimmer, the water in pools and spas is heated by withdrawing cold water from the bottom and jetting heat into shallow water near the top. The warm water, being less dense, rises in the pool and cold water settles to the lower regions. This has some convenience for bathers who like to swim near the surface. However, the “top-down” arrangement can never efficiently heat the full water column because it moves hot water in the wrong direction.

With Flow Reversal technology, our technicians will give you the ability to switch the flow direction to a “bottom-up” system, in which heated water will enter the pool through the main drain. With Flow Reversal active in your pool, heated water will enter the pool from the bottom, which will rise and disperse much more efficiently. This simple plumbing modification will save you approximately 66% on heating costs, and the valves put in place will still allow you to switch between regular and reversed flow at will.