Vinyl Liner Repair & Replacement

Rin Robyn Pools service technician shown with diving gear checking for leaks in a pool.

Leak Detection and Diver Services

Our Service Department provides leak detection and diver services to repair vinyl liner (and concrete) pools.

We also install replacement vinyl liners in most vinyl liner pools.

Contact our leak detection experts in our service department for more information.

Fox Vinyl Liners

For FOX Pools, we recommend replacing the liner with a FOX liner. We've been building FOX Pools for over 50 years, and we have the liner size information on all of the pools that we've built.

Fox Pool 50 years of service awarded to Rin Robyn Pools in 2019
Example of a Cool Liner Holographic pool liner.

Cool Holographic Pool Liners

And for FOX Pools, as well as most other vinyl liner pools, we can also provide the new Cool Holographic Pool Liner from Merlin Industries for an immersive underwater experience!

PoolHide® from Park Pool and Pond Products

Another option for replacing vinyl liner - or - for waterproofing a concrete pool, is to use PoolHide® 60 mil PVC membrane. PoolHide® from Park Pool and Pond Products is an extremely tough waterproofing membrane that is custom welded in the pool to fit the pool. Watch the video below.

Play Video

Send us some photos of your pool and setup a video conference with us to discuss how to proceed with your repair or renovation.

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