Major Repairs & Renovations

If your pool needs a major repair, like structural repairs to the walls, floor, coping or patio, we can review the issues and make recommendations. Major repairs require experienced personnel to evaluate the issues, people who are knowledgeable in all aspects of pool construction. Performing a major repair on a pool can be considerably more difficult than building one from scratch.

Similarly, renovations of existing pools can be anything from a simple replacement of the waterproofing (liner, plaster, etc., depending on the type of pool) to replacement of the tile, coping, patio and plumbing. Changing the shape of the pool, adding benches, adding swimouts, adding water features, are all possible. Once again, experienced designers who are knowledgeable in all aspects of pool construction are available to guide you in what the alternatives are and how to proceed.

Send us some photos of your pool and setup a video conference with us to discuss how to proceed with your repair or renovation.

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