Above Ground Pool Solar Heating

Solar Heating for your Above Ground Pool

Finally a high-performance and easy-to-install solar heating system for above-ground swimming pools! Turn your polar pool into a solar pool with FAFCO’s innovative Solar Bear system.

Forget the cold as The Solar Bear extends your swim season by heating your pool to a warm, comfortable temperature from Spring through Fall.

One attractive and lightweight panel sets up anywhere your pool is and starts heating immediately with FREE energy from the sun.

Solar Bear Logo
Solar Bear in an above ground pool holding a free heat sign and text on top saying heat you above ground swimming pool with free heat from the sun.
Example of how a Solar Bear above ground pool heater can be installed. The black solar bear solar collector is shown rolled out next to an oval above ground swimming pool.
Solar Bear Installed

Install with 3 easy steps

  • 1 Unroll Solar Bear solar panel.
  • 2 Connect hose (not included) from your swimming pool filter outlet to system inlet.
  • 3 Connect second hose (not included) from system outlet to your swimming pool inlet and you’re done!


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