Outdoor Patio Heater Sale!

Do you have a patio that you would love relaxing on, but it’s too cold to sit outside? Well, maybe there is a way you can enjoy that patio and still be cozy and warm.

Lava Heat!

At Rin Robyn Pools, we sell Lava Heat outdoor heaters. Built with the highest quality stainless steel and borosilicate glass tubes, all of our heaters can outlast and perform better than traditional patio “mushroom” heaters.

The glass tube in the heaters will hold a flame on the highest setting for hours while withstanding rain or snow, without the risk of breaking. This makes Lava Heat the safest outdoor heater to use in any weather condition.

All of our standard heaters also include wheels for easy transport! We do have three different style heaters in our store. Those are Tripod Design flame heaters, Cylindrical Design Flame Heaters, and Dome Design Heaters with Umbrella Top. These are all great designs and highly recommended.

Solaira Heaters

Another great addition to your outdoor patio is the Solaira Heater. It gives off a high intensity, low light radiant heat.

They have infrared bands built into the heaters that give off a substantial amount of heat, but are not harmful. It will add heat directly to any object it is near.

With its compact size, it will make the area you’re sitting in very warm and cozy.

With these heaters, we have something special going on right now.

They are currently on sale for 30% off!

Why freeze and shiver, when you can add one of these products to your backyard?

Give us a call and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales associates today, or stop by and pick one up!

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