High quality, heat-welded 60mil PVC membrane will outlast any traditional vinyl pool liner.

From renovation of old, cracked concrete pools to new construction of steel wall vinyl liner pools, PoolHide® is custom tailored on-site to fit any shape or size pool forming a perfect waterproof seal that will last for years. Available in many colors and patterns, PoolHide® may be the right solution for your next pool renovation or vinyl liner replacement project.

In fall 2013, a homeowner near Morristown, NJ contacted Rin Robyn Pools because the vinyl liner swimming pool that her family had built several years earlier was leaking. She had tried contacting the company that originally built the pool, but after multiple failed attempts to fix the problem, many weeks of not being able to swim in the pool, and thousands of dollars later the pool continued to leak. We told her that PoolHide® would be a perfect solution for her leaky pool.

After removing the old vinyl liner and accessories and touching up the steel walls, it was time to install the new PoolHide® liner. The client selected a green colored PoolHide® liner to match the landscaping and natural forest backdrop surrounding her home. Our expert technicians custom tailored the liner on the job site to ensure a perfect fit.

In only a few short days the pool was completely transformed. Equipped with PoolHide®, the client and her family are finally able to enjoy their swimming pool again, and they can rest easy knowing that PoolHide® will keep their pool completely leak-free for many years to come!