Our Pool Opening Services: Spring 2021

It’s that time of year again! Pool season has started and Rin Robyn Pools® is here to make this season an enjoyable one. Due to COVID cabin fever, you might want to open your pool much earlier. Since it can take time, sometimes days or weeks after the pool is opened, before it becomes swimmable we strongly advise that you open your pool well in advance of when you want to swim in it. Making a reservation early ensures that you’ll be on our schedule.

Our Spring Pool Opening Services Include:

  • Reinstall plugs in one pump, one filter, and heating equipment
  • Remove winter plugs, skimmer protectors
  • Connect automatic pool cleaner
  • Start and check overall equipment
  • Application of balancing and opening chemicals (chemicals priced separately)

Additional services:

  • Pool cover removal
  • Pool cleaning is available on request as an additional charge and will be scheduled as a separate visit in order to allow the chemistry and filtration systems some time to work ahead of the pool cleaning.
  • Salt cell chemical cleaning for Saltwater pools
  • Attached hot tubs
  • Large pool opening

A Pool Opening means that the cover has been removed and the equipment has been started, i.e. the pump is running and water started going through the filter. A Pool Opening does not mean that the water is clear or that the pool is clean or that the pool is “swimmable”. Usually a pool that has just been opened needs time to filter, be chemically treated and vacuumed several times before swimmers should enter the pool.

The process of vacuuming a dirty pool will stir it up, often making the water look worse after it has been vacuumed. We recommend opening your pool in April to ensure that there’s adequate time for it to filter, be cleaned, chemically treated and any mechanical issues fixed, especially if they may require ordering parts. Opening your pool in the middle of May and expecting you will be swimming on Memorial Day is an unreasonable expectation. Please heed our advice to open your pool well before you expect to swim in it!

So CLICK HERE to reserve a slot – and leave all the hassle of opening your pool to our professionals!

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required in order to schedule a pool or spa opening.

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