Optimizer – A More Enjoyable Swimming Experience

Bioguard produces a product that is often overlooked when you run water tests. Optimizer is usually the last step in fixing your pool. While pH, Alkalinity and Chlorine are your top concerns when it comes to balancing your pool, Optimizer should never be underestimated.

20 lb Optimizer

Optimizer helps to improve your water clarity and comfort.

“Hard” vs “Soft” water can be a delicate balance in pools and spas.

  • If your calcium hardness is too low, your equipment is at risk of being eroded.
  • If your calcium hardness is too high, you are at risk for skin irritation and cloudy water.

Optimizer is a great product to add to assist in balancing this level making for a more enjoyable swimming experience.

40 lb Optimizer

Every pool owner has struggled with water clarity at one point or another. Optimizer helps to keep your water clear regardless of contaminants. To help it work best, you should keep up with backwashing and vacuuming your pool.

Some little known benefits of Optimizer are that it acts as a preventative algaecide and it does not hinder any other chemicals that you add to your pool. Through adding Optimizer to your pool and keeping the right amount, you get the added benefit of algae prevention.

If you have existing algae in your pool, you should still use an algae specific product like Banish. However, once that existing algae is killed, Optimizer can help prevent any algae blooms.

With this product retailing for 37.99 for an 8lb container there can be some sticker shock. But have no fear because Optimizer lasts in your pool longer than most other chemicals. It can survive in a properly closed pool until you open the next year.

8 lb Optimizer

You add Optimizer to your pool through the skimmer and allow it to circulate for 4-8 hours after you put it in.

You can’t go wrong with adding Optimizer to your pool so stop by one of our retail stores with a water sample to see how much to add. You won’t be disappointed with the results. Optimizer can also be ordered in our online shop for delivery or pickup.

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