Off Season Pool Maintenance – Make It Easy

Take care of your pool all year long by using chemicals that are specifically for your end of season closing. Closing your pool the correct way makes pool maintenance easy and even easier once it comes time to open in the spring. 

Arctic Blue Winter Kits are offered in two different sizes. One treats 12k gallons and the other treats 24k gallons. They contain a shock and algae protector. There’s a convenient winterization guide included with step by step instructions.

What it does

The Arctic Blue® Winter Kits contain products that oxidize, buffer, clarify and prevent algae growth over the winter months.

  • Arctic Blue® Winter Kit 12
    • Treats up to 12,000 gallons Contains 1 pt. (16 oz.) of Arctic Blue® Algae Protector and 2 lbs. of Arctic Blue® Shock.
  • Arctic Blue® Winter Kit 24
    • Treats up to 24,000 gallons Contains 1 qt. (32 oz.) of Arctic Blue® Algae Protector and 2 – 2 lb. bottles of Arctic Blue® Shock.


  • The Arctic Blue® Shock oxidizes, clarifies, and buffers
  • Arctic Blue® Algae Protector prevents algae growth and aids in maintaining water clarity
  • Ensures easy spring start-up

Rin Robyn Pools has the products and services to keep your pool maintained.

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