Maintain Your Hot Tub’s pH – Spa Sentry®

Controlling the pH of your spa’s water is an important part of maintenance. High pH can cause cloudy water and scale to form on the equipment. SpaGuard® Spa Sentry® is an easy, one-step liquid for maintaining a stable, comfortable pH and softening your spa’s water. It makes balancing the water extremely simple, eliminating the need for many other water balancing treatments you may currently be using.

Spa Sentry not only establishes proper pH, but prevents the pH from variating so your spa and its equipment are protected. This enhances water clarity and help prevent stains from dissolved metals in fill water. At the same time, it softens the water by removing dissolved calcium, for a cleaner, more comfortable spa. The result is a spa that is easier to maintain and enjoy.

High pH can cause cloudy water
High pH can cause cloudy water

Measurement and Dosing: One quart (one bottle) per 300-500 gallons.

  1. First, drain and clean the spa’s surfaces with BioGuard Off the Wall surface cleaner. Then clean the filter with SpaGuard Filter Cleaner.
  2. Refill your spa with fresh water.
  3. Add Spa Sentry according to packaging directions.

*Spa Sentry® should not be used in spas with plaster finishes or grouting that contains calcium or spas using Soft Soak®.

SpaGuard® Spa Sentry® is available in our stores in Chester, NJ and Hackettstown, NJ or for your convenience you can purchase online and get it delivered or reserved for pickup.

For optimal water quality and the best hot tub care assistance in the area, have your water tested at one of our stores at least once every two weeks.

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