Jacuzzi® SmartTub™ Technology

The SmartTub™ app by Jacuzzi® is an easy to use and convenient remote monitoring system that allows you to customize the settings on your hot tub and monitor your tub’s diagnostics in real time. It maximizes relaxation, recovery, performance potential and it makes maintenance and care easier than ever.

Through the app you can: control energy savings, filtration, change the temperature, lighting and jets. You can even remotely activate your tub from your Smart Home device.

The remote monitoring sends real-time alerts and diagnostics to us such as letting us know when there is an error or if there is a power outage. You also get energy usage reports on your tub delivered directly to your phone. The app connects the tub to cellular based service so you have peace of mind knowing it’s always connected.

Why use a cellular connection instead of Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is great for many indoor connected products, but barriers such as wall construction material, water, and distance hinder Wi-Fi signals for products outdoors. Pairing your device to your home network also takes additional technical compatibility considerations when using a Wi-Fi signal. The SmartTub™ System incorporates the best technologies for connected products, leveraging the fact that hot tubs are located outdoors. Directly connect to local cell towers, Jacuzzi partners with major wireless carriers around the world to ensure stable networks with maximized performance without affecting your personal cellular plan

Jacuzzi® SmartTub™ is downloadable from the Apple or Google Play App store.

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