Jacuzzi® PowerPro Swimspas (Year around Pool)

The Jacuzzi® PowerPro Collection of Swimspas, also known as year around pools, offers a high-performance swim experience, combining top of the line aquatic technology with the therapeutic power of Jacuzzi® PowerPro® jets.

We are showing the J16 model at our Chester store. It has a 2,378-gallon capacity, 4 seats, 26 hydrotherapy jets, 4 pumps are used to drive the hydraulics totaling 13HP. The acrylic shell color options are porcelain, platinum and silver pearl. The cabinetry comes in either gray or brown. The Prolast Covers come in gray or sienna.

186″ x 93″ x 53″, 112″ fitness area

The Power Pro offers the following features: wide stream PowerPro® jets produce an adjustable current for every swim level, core resistance for powerful in-place swimming and high exertion level aquatic exercises, 4 Hydromassage seats for relaxation, and an exclusive WaterWatch™ swim watch to wear that tracks and analyzes performance, monitors your heartrate and allows you to compete with other swimmers across the US and Canada.

The CLEARRAY® water purification systems utilizes the same oxygen and UV-C technology that beverage manufacturers, municipal waste water plants, hospitals and other health care environments use without adding chemicals, or other by-products to the water. And a Multi-stage Filtration water filtration system achieves the cleanest water in the shortest amount of time, so you spend less time cleaning the Swimspa and more time using it.

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