Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy

Reducing stress has a lot to do with winding down and relaxing. Jacuzzis Hydromassage jets take the tension out of your muscles and leave you feeling brand new.

Working out can put a lot of stress on your muscles and joints. The power pulse of Jacuzzi’s jets help relieve post workout aches and pains. You can target specific areas of the body depending on where you need the most work.

Hydrotherapy works different at different temperatures

  • Up to 104ºF – Hot water relaxing, promotes sleep by inducing drowsiness
  • 93ºF – 100ºF – Water at body temperature reduces tension, adding Epsom salt facilitates sweating to cleanse the skin and help eliminate lactic acid
  • 81ºF – 92ºF – Lukewarm water helps eliminate water retention
  • 65ºF – 81ºF – Cool water alleviates fatigue
  • Below 65ºF – Cold water aids muscle recovery from physical exertion

Don’t miss out on complete body relaxation with a Jacuzzi. Stop by one of our stores any day of the week to view our current inventory and our anticipated inventory!

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