How to Prepare and Close Your Pool

With the summer weeks going away and the season of fall quickly approaching, how should you prepare your pool for closing for the season? There are steps that need to be followed for a successful pool closing. Once these steps are completed, your pool will be ready for that winter nap.

Test and Balance

The first step that is crucial is making sure your water chemistry is at the right levels. A good way to check your levels is to take a sample of your water to your nearest pool supply store, like Rin Robyn Pools®, so that they can accurately test it. Once you know where the levels of the water are at, add any chemicals that would be needed to balance your water.

Add Winterizing Products

After your water is balanced, it is time to buy a pool closing kit, or winter algaecide and shock. These products would ensure that your chlorine levels would stay at a good range and the algae levels would stay low.

Vacuum and Brush

Once those products are added to your pool, it would be a good time to vacuum your pool. It is always good to have your pool clean during the winter months. Don’t forget to brush those walls! Any algae buildup will accumulate if not taken care of. Lastly, your pool should be clean and clear before covering it so vacuuming and brushing the walls is crucial.

Store Equipment and Lower Water Level

Next, it would be time to store your equipment and lower your water level. Grab those skimmer baskets, ladders, any solar blankets, etc. and store those away. Depending on the type of pool cover you have, you may need to lower the pool’s water level. Before lowering the water, check the manual for your pool cover to see how low to go.

Drain Pool Equipment

Once that is completed, the next step is to drain your pool equipment. Your pump, filter, heater, and chlorinator need to be water free to prevent freezing during the winter months. You can use a shop vacuum to blow out any water that would be in the equipment.

Cover Your Pool

Lastly, it is time to cover your pool! Follow the directions on your manual as to how your cover is supposed to fit on your pool. Some covers require a pump to remove that excess water on top where as others do not. Make sure you know what cover you have to ensure a successful pool closing!

Don’t Want to Get Your Hands Dirty?

Rin Robyn Pools® Service Department has a Pool Winter Closing Service where we will do these tasks for you.

Pool Winter Closing

Relax for the Winter

Now it is time for you and your family to relax. You have successfully closed your pool for the winter months and you can start planning for the next season!

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