How can I protect my pool cover when storing for the summer?

Bioguard® offers a product called Stow-away® that can help keep your cover from becoming moldy and smelly during the summer months when not in use.

Stow-away® is a cleaner and deodorizer that allows for wet pool covers to be stored properly. It helps extend the life expectancy of pool covers as well.

Stow-away® helps the pool cover from sticking together when stored folded together! You may also use this product to clean and store other poolside items.

Directions for Use

  1. While cover is still on pool, remove all debris and water from cover.
  2. Remove cover from pool, and spread on lawn, pool deck, or driveway.
  3. Spray Stow-away® over entire cover and brush clean. A nylon bristle pool brush and telescopic pole are excellent for this purpose.
  4. Rinse off loosened soils with water.
  5. Fold pool cover, squirting this product full strength between each fold.
  6. Store folded cover in a safe place

You may purchase this product in store or in our online shop for delivery or pickup.

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