Hot Tub Valet Services

Do you have a hot tub, but getting tired of cleaning and maintaining it? Well, you’re in luck! We offer white-glove service and maintenance for your hot tub or spa. With our hot tub valet service, we provide you with a variety of inclusions.

Select your schedule: You can either choose weekly or monthly services.

Four Drain and Cleans: Four annual drain and cleans are included.

For that drain and clean, our technicians completely drain and clean your tub or spa. They also clean and condition the cover, turn the spa on and check the functions, report any service needs, and perform ozone maintenance, if required.

Water Testing: Next, we test your spa water. If anything is out of balance, we will add the proper chemicals to make that water perfect. The BioGuard chemicals are supplied at an additional cost but will ensure a clean and sanitized tub.

Clean Filters: We will remove the filters to rid of any dirt and debris. We will also vacuum the tub, making it dirt-free.

Top Off the Water Level: Lastly, if your spa water is too low, we will add a hose and fill it back up to a proper level. You’ll never have to worry about your tub.

Our technicians will have your tub or spa smelling fresh and sparkling by the time they leave.

Our Hot Tub Valet Service

Other Hot Tub Services

Repairs: Along with maintaining and servicing your spa, we also do plumbing and equipment repairs. Our technicians can fix plumbing issues from age or freeze damage, diagnose and repair problems with controls, circuit boards, pumps, blowers, ozone, and UV systems.

Parts: We can source and replace parts for most major brands. We have factory parts for Jacuzzi, PDC, and Dimension One hot tubs. Do you also need to have that tub relocated?

Relocation: We also offer tub relocation services to get your tub to the right place. No matter what you need for your hot tub, contact us today to schedule a service call! We will help you in any way that we can!

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