Hot Tub and Swim Spa Installation Do’s and Don’ts

“Placement of a hot tub or swim spa should not only be based on convenience and proximity to your house and outdoor living space, but you should also consider long-term maintenance access to all four sides.”
-Donovan Marhold, Project Manager

When starting on your journey into hot tub or swim spa ownership, your primary considerations should be as follows:

Why do I want a hot tub?

  1. If it’s for relaxation, then I want fewer jets, mood lighting, lounge, waterfall, and basic features.
  2. If it’s for therapy, then I want a high jet count, strong/multiple pumps, and specialty target therapy seating.
  3. If it’s for entertainment, then I want large capacity seating, audio, wifi, custom shell and cabinet designs.

Why Do I Want a Swim Spa (a.k.a. Year-Round Pool, Fitness Spa, Endless Pool, etc.)?

  1. I want to use it for fitness, stretching, and aqua exercise.
  2. I want a combination of fitness and relaxation/therapy.

Now that you have identified the “Why”, it’s time to decide on the “Where”.

Placement should not only be based on convenience and proximity to your house and outdoor living space, but you should also consider long-term maintenance access to all four sides of the hot tub or swim spa.

Equipment access is vital in preventing costly repair fees!

Every hot tub and swim spa has access panels concealing vital mechanical components such as pumps, valves, ozone generators, and UV sanitizers. These components vary from model to model and it’s important to know how many and which sides of the hot tub or swim spa will need to be accessible.

You will often see hot tubs and swim spas completely encased in a deck or stone enclosure. This presents a potential service and maintenance nightmare. A hot tub or swim spa, like any other appliance in your home, will eventually need to be serviced. Let’s say 3 years into your ownership of the hot tub you realize it is starting to losing water. This means there might be a leak, perhaps just a simple loose connection or maybe a broken plumbing line somewhere inside the cabinet. If your hot tub is recessed in a deck or completely surrounded by a stone patio, finding and fixing the leak may require disassembly or damage to your deck or might even require a crane to lift the hot tub out of its vault, potentially adding thousands of dollars to your repair bill! Remember, even though the equipment is typically located on only one side of the hot tub, there are still plumbing lines and jets on all four sides!

If you are looking for the kind of aesthetic effect where your deck or patio comes right up to the edge of the hot tub, certain measures should be taken in the design of the enclosure to ensure there is sufficient access for future service and maintenance. For example, leave at least one side of the hot tub fully exposed, or construct your deck with removable panels.

Ideally, the installation of your hot tub or swim spa should be completely above ground with a set of steps alongside for safe and easy entry. These entry steps are available in many different styles and colors, or they can be custom made to match your deck or patio. Although sometimes cumbersome, they are always movable.

Good Idea – hot tub is completely above ground and all four sides are accessible
Image result for hot tub in decking
Bad idea – hot tub is completely recessed with no removable access panels

You also want to consider compliance with local electrical codes and building setbacks. Always speak with your municipal construction and zoning offices and consult a professional prior to purchase and placement of a hot tub or swim spa.

The professionals at Rin Robyn Pools offer a free home site evaluation to determine best placement for your new hot tub or swim spa after you have narrowed down your selection. Our highly trained associates can also qualify and recommend the correct hot tub for your particular needs and to complement your lifestyle. Rin Robyn Pools proudly sells Jacuzzi® and PDC Swim Spas and Year-Round Pools. For more information, please click here: Jacuzzi® Swim Spas

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