When phosphate levels rise above 1,000 ppb, a dose of POOL JUICE ZERO will quickly lower them to acceptable levels as soon as 24 hours after application. The 32oz. bottle contains enough product to remedy a 20k-gallon pool and the treatment process is simple – add the product, watch it work its way through the pool system and wait a day for it to complete the task. A follow-up test will confirm phosphate removal or let you know levels were high enough to need another application.

Please note: POOL JUICE ZERO will cause the water to cloud. The cloudiness is the reaction between the product and the phosphate. Higher phosphate levels mean more cloudiness. The water will clear naturally through circulation and filtration, normally within 24 hours of application. Backwashing will be needed to help keep the filter clear as the product works to remove the phosphates.

Once the phosphate levels are under control, start a weekly regimen of POOL JUICE PHOSPHATE REMOVER to keep the levels down. This multi-benefit product contains targeted enzymes and surfactants to keep pool surfaces clean, preventing the “bath tub” line. It also has a special clarifier blend to keep water sparkling clear.

A capful of product is all that is needed to maintain pristine conditions and is the perfect complement to any basic pool care system. Backwashing may be needed.

Sometimes pool water gets a little over-stressed from more than just phosphate. Whether it is from a pool party, a severe rainstorm or even cleaning up after an algae outbreak, water can turn cloudy, hazy or even a little murky or swampy.

It is conditions like those where POOL JUICE 911 shines brightest.

This instant water rescue treatment contains targeted enzymes and high-powered clarifiers to quickly eliminate those unwanted conditions with significant results in just 24 hours. POOL JUICE 911 does not clean up an algae outbreak, but it does help with clean up after the algae has died.

The enzymes break down non-living organic waste such as oils, pollen, sunscreen, bather waste, hair care products, and more while the clarifiers help gather and move the containments to the filter where they can be removed from the water system. Pet owners take note that this product is excellent for the instances where Fido wants to jump into the pool to cool off. For the application it’s just 2 fluid ounces per 1,000 gallons. Depending on the severity of the issue, backwashing will be needed.

BioGuard® Pool Juice is available in our stores in Chester, NJ and Hackettstown, NJ or for your convenience you can purchase online and get it delivered or reserved for pickup.

For optimal water quality and the best hot tub care assistance in the area, have your water tested at one of our stores at least once every two weeks.

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