Do we offer water testing?

Rin Robyn Pools offers water testing in all of our locations, Chester and Hackettstown, using state of the art BioGuard ALEX® Professional Water Testing.

Fill up a clean testing bottle and bring the water to the store.  The best water samples  are drawn elbow deep below the water surface.

Once the results of your water test is generated, our expert water analysis report directs your application and your chemical amounts.

As long as you follow what ALEX is recommending and get your water tested regularly, you will have perfectly clear and balanced water.

How often is regular, you ask? On average, once a week for pools and every other week for hot tubs. There are several different ways the water can change in a short period of time, so it is important to have us test your water to let you know how it is doing.

We test the following with our ALEX system:

  1. Free Chlorine
  2. Total Chlorine
  3. Bromine
  4. Total Dissolved Solids
  5. Salt Level
  6. PH
  7. Alkalinity
  8. Calcium Hardness
  9. Cyanuric Acid
  10. Copper 
  11. Iron
  12. Borates

Let’s say you have cloudy green water. We will test your water, indicate that you have cloudy water and algae, then we recommend the products to fix these issues, and after all this is done, you apply these chemicals and you will have a perfectly clear pool.

So, the short answer is yes we do test water, bring it by, and we will get your pool or hot tub perfectly balanced, ready to swim in, and enjoyable all season long!

Our service team also uses water testing on location when maintaining or troubleshooting your pool or hot tub.

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