Do Hot Tubs Require 220/240V?

Do hot tubs require 220/240V electricty? The answer is… it depends. Not all hot tubs are wired the same or equipped with the same components. Some hot tubs can be plugged into a 110/120V outlet, and some need to be hardwired at 220/240V.

Some hot tub models are factory configured to operate with a 110/120V plug-in GFCI power cord. These models are called “plug and play.” There are also some hot tubs which will allow you to “convert” the voltage from 110/120V to 220/240V, which in turn allows for a higher heat output from the electric heater. And then some hot tubs come only as a 220/240V unit.

“Voltage is the electrical unit of measure of electromotive force. Electromotive force is provided by a source of electrical power, usually household power lines wired to a main service panel.” -PHTA Service Tech Manual

So, what voltage do you need?

Use the following list to help you decide which voltage is best for you: *


  • Just plug it in
  • Heats slowly
  • Weaker jet pressure
  • Smaller hot tubs


  • Probably needs an electrician
  • Heats more quickly
  • Stronger jet pressure
  • Larger hot tubs

Still not sure what you are looking for? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always here to provide guidance when choosing a hot tub.

*Always be sure to follow your manufacturer’s instructions and the recommendations of a professional licensed electrician.

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