All natural, completely chemical-free, organic pools. Swimming the way Nature intended.

Rin Robyn Pools is a BioNova™ Dealer and has the experience and technical expertise to properly design and build these eco-friendly, energy efficient, sustainable watershapes.


The BioNova™ system replicates the harmonious balance of a natural wetlands ecosystem in a controlled backyard setting.

Natural Swimming Pools (NSPs) are completely chemical-free and are not sterilized or disinfected in any way.  The water is purified by carefully selected aquatic plants, beneficial microbes, and/or biofilm, while pumps and filters circulate the water 24/7 for about the same amount of energy as a 100W light bulb. The result is healthy, all natural, living water in a sustainable, organic backyard pool.

Rin Robyn Pools is using cutting-edge BioNova™ biological filtration technology to bring the all-natural, chemical-free swimming experience to New Jersey. For more information, contact us today!

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Article by James G. Robyn, President & CEO, BioNova Natural Pools