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BioNova™ Natural Swimming Pool
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BioNova® Definitive Guide to NSPs

This free e-book is designed to provide the reader with a complete story on Natural Swimming Pools (NSPs). Where they came from, what they are, how they work, how they’re different, what choices there are in different implementations of them and how to get started in order to have one in your backyard.

Free BioNova® Definitive Guide to NSPs

We Collaborate with The Pool Master

Some of our BioNova® pool installations have been done in conjunction with Anthony Archer-Wills, the world renowned pond and rock artist, and star of the Animal Planet TV Show, The Pool Master. For exceptional projects, Anthony is available to work on pool design and installations with us.

For some excellent examples of Anthony's work, Anthony Archer-Wills Collaborates with BioNova® and Three Waterfalls, a Dipping Pool and One Big Surprise.

All natural, free of toxic chemicals. The swimming pool reinvented.

Rin Robyn Pools® is a BioNova® Dealer and has the experience and technical expertise to properly design and build these eco-friendly, energy efficient, sustainable watershapes as part of a Nature-based solution.

The BioNova® system replicates the harmonious balance of a natural wetlands ecosystem in a controlled backyard setting.

Natural Swimming Pools (NSPs) are completely chemical-free and are not sterilized or disinfected in any way.  The water is purified by carefully selected aquatic plants, beneficial microbes, and/or biofilm, while pumps and filters circulate the water 24/7 for about the same amount of energy as a 100W light bulb. The result is healthy, all natural, living water in a sustainable, organic backyard pool.

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Video Conferencing with a Design Specialist

To facilitate design and consulting work with geographically dispersed clients, Rin Robyn Pools® uses Video Conferencing technology.  Upon acceptance of the design work, a Project Manager is assigned, permits are applied for, and the building planning is begun.  The firm uses Project software to monitor the construction of the project and ensure that it is built on time and on budget.

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