Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Are getting tired of vacuuming your swimming pool yourself? Would you like to have a robotic cleaner? With the Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Vacuum Cleaners, the hassle of doing it yourself disappears. Cleaning a pool yourself is a lot of hard work. From installing fittings, untangling cords and hoses, adjusting water flow and pressure, watching that filter basket, it is very tedious.

Too Much Chlorine? Use Chem-out

While many pool owners struggle with keeping acceptable chlorine or bromine levels high enough, there are a few owners who struggle with bringing that level down especially after super chlorination or an algae treatment. While there are organic options to bring down chlorine and bromine levels, sometimes the situation can call for a chemical agent … Read more

Is Cleaning Your Pool Filter Important?

Does cleaning my filter regularly really make that much of a difference? YES! A clean filter allows for proper filtration to happen. Having proper filtration is KEY to have your pool stay healthy and clean throughout the season. Having a regular cleaning schedule will help to keep you on track and increase the life expectancy … Read more

Can My Pool Be Sanitized Without Using Chlorine?

Yes! Bioguard® offers a line of non-chlorine pool products called SoftSwim®. Softswim® offers a 3-step system to follow along for a soft, clear, and chlorine free water. Softswim® uses biguanide, an effective sanitizer that kills bacteria while keeping the water soft. Biguanide does not degrade with sunlight or temperature and will not change pH levels … Read more