Fountain of Youth

Maybe the secret to eternal youth was swimming all along.  Individuals who swim 3-5 times a week have been shown to have improved blood pressure, muscle mass, pulmonary function, and blood chemistry.  Photo by Carlos Felipe Vericat Sanz on Unsplash These metrics typically get worse as aging continues, but those who often swim postpone the … Read more

Social Benefits of a Pool

Pools offer many different social aspects in relation to both family and friends.  The pool can act as a setting for family visits, celebrations, and even the most casual get-togethers.  Photo by Ash Dowie on Unsplash It can also be an educational opportunity for young children, or a place for some friendly competition.  Photo by … Read more

Swimming and Sleep

Swimming pools and swim spas are not only great for the daylight hours, they can even benefit you throughout the night!  Swimming is a great activity to relax your body and mind and help you to sleep. Swimming burns around 350 to 420 calories an hour, depending on how hard you are working. Swimming is … Read more

Summer Sun!

Summer is always regarded as a fun and energetic time of the year, and the time spent in your pool or outside in general plays a large role in this. Spending time in the sunlight boosts serotonin, the chemical in your brain that gives you energy and helps promote positivity.  Additionally, the vitamin D gained … Read more

Swimming as Exercise

Pools are great for general recreation and spending time with family or friends, but there is also an added benefit of getting in your daily exercise!  Even lightly swimming in a pool acts as a full body workout, and the water allows for little to no impact on joints.  This helps to protect from injuries … Read more

The Big Green Egg

Has your cooking game been lacking lately? Do you need to revamp the way you cook? We have the perfect solution for you! The Big Green Egg is a cooking experience you will love. It is known as the original, American-designed, ceramic cooker. It works as a grill, an oven, and even a smoker! They range in size, from a mini egg to a 2XL. You can get any size that would fit your needs.

What Type of Hot Tub Should I Buy?

When thinking about buying a hot tub, there are many things to consider before making that big purchase. Some things to consider are how many people will be using the hot tub? How many seats would you like? What model and color do you want? Do you have any muscle groups that you want to be targeted for relief? Once you have those answers, you are ready to begin your search for the perfect hot tub!