Fountain of Youth

Maybe the secret to eternal youth was swimming all along.  Individuals who swim 3-5 times a week have been shown to have improved blood pressure, muscle mass, pulmonary function, and blood chemistry.  Photo by Carlos Felipe Vericat Sanz on Unsplash These metrics typically get worse as aging continues, but those who often swim postpone the … Read more

Cleaning and Problem Solvers

BioGuard® Kleen It® Filter Cleaner is a descaling filter cleaner used to remove metal, scale and dirt from your filter. It will clean sand, DE, and cartridge filters. You can spray or soak your filter with this product. What it does Kleen It® removes metals, dirt and scale from DE, cartridge and sand filters. This … Read more

Sanitizers to Clean Water

Killing bacteria and preventing algae is an important step in maintaining a comfortable pool to swim in. Sanitizers are a main chemical of proper pool maintenance.  The SilkGuard® Complete Sticks and tabs are a special BioGuard blend that can only be found with BioGuard Dealers. SmartGuard® technology makes the tabs and sticks last longer than … Read more

Fox Pool Corp Dealer Seminar 2022

Allen and Linda Schnaak, James and Hae-Sun Robyn attended the Fox Pool Corp 2022 Dealer Seminar in St Petersburg, Florida. Rin Robyn Pools® has been a Fox Pool Dealer for 52 years. In addition to the steel and concrete pool systems that Fox manufactures, Fox also manufactures the vault for the BioNova® BF4 biological filtration … Read more

Robotic Pool Cleaners

M600 Dolphin

Automate Your Pool Cleaning Dolphin pool vacuums have a rich history of over 35 years of cleaning the world’s swimming pools. This heritage is built on a legacy on innovative pool cleaning technologies. M400 Dolphin Built to deliver a deep clean, the M400 Dolphin is extremely powerful when it comes to scrubbing and filtering. Inside, … Read more