Can My Pool Be Sanitized Without Using Chlorine?

Yes! Bioguard® offers a line of non-chlorine pool products called SoftSwim®.

Softswim® offers a 3-step system to follow along for a soft, clear, and chlorine free water.

Softswim® uses biguanide, an effective sanitizer that kills bacteria while keeping the water soft. Biguanide does not degrade with sunlight or temperature and will not change pH levels like traditional chlorine sanitizers. This means adding less chemicals making it easier to use.

How Does the SoftSwim 3-Step System Work?

Softswim A is the first step in the system. It is an algae preventative that works well in higher temperatures. We recommend applying weekly to maintain a clear pool.

Softswim B sanitizes your pool water. It helps kill and control bacteria using biguanides. We recommend testing every 2 weeks and adding as necessary.

Softswim C is the third and final step in this process and it helps remove contaminants from the water. This helps keep the water crystal clear. This product has a built in stabilizer, which helps ensure the product does not burn off easily! We recommend testing on a monthly basis and using this product as needed!

The BioGuard SoftSwim Chlorine-Free Care System

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