Can my dog use my hot tub or pool?

Our family pet, “Man’s Best Friend”, Benji, Toto, Lassie and Clifford the Big Red Dog are dogs who have made an impact on our lives. Our dogs are part of our lives. They are like children. We watch them grow, learn, age and keep them safe. Often as they age their bones ache like ours. Some larger breeds suffer from Hip Dysplasia, so thinking the warm water of a hot tub may help their joints isn’t an unreasonable thought.

Pet dog with goofy looking goggles ready to go into the pool.
“Get the Goggles!”

However, is it safe and/or smart to let them enjoy the hot tub?

Unfortunately, we do not recommend it. Dogs do not sweat as humans do and can overheat quickly. The temperature in a hot tub runs between 98 -104 degrees which could pose a serious problem for your pet.

Dogs cool down through panting, but keep in mind this panting leaves them wide open to swallowing chemically treated water, which may make them sick. Their skin may be sensitive to the water’s chemistry. Not only is the health of your dog at risk, so is your hot tub. Dust, dirt and grime from a dog’s coat will alter the water balance in the hot tub. Fur will also cause havoc on your filter and your dog’s paws could scratch you and your hot tub. And with an uneven surface in the hot tub your dog could slip and hurt itself.

Light brown dog fetching a yellow ball in a crystal clear pool.

So what about my pool? Can I let my dog swim in my pool?

It’s hard not to let your dog take a dip to cool off.  Letting them enter the pool raises some of the same concerns which apply to your hot tub.  There is the issue of dogs drinking chlorinated water. Nails scratching your vinyl lining causing damage and having dog hair clog your filter.  And a dog’s coat carries small pieces of fecal matter, along with the dust, dirt and grim.

So what do we suggest if you want to let your dog use the pool?

Keep in mind your pool will require more maintenance. Brush your dog and clip nails regularly. Remove dog hair from your skimmers often. Make sure your chlorine levels are correct so you reduce the risk of Recreational Water Illnesses, such as E.coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium. Make sure your dog is able to get out of the pool by itself. Just because it’s a K-9 doesn’t mean it’s proficient in swimming and won’t panic in water.  Dog drownings can occur.

Pug puppy in his own plastic blue baby pool.
“Mom…Do I need Flippers?”

We at Rin Robyn Pools are pet lovers. We know what it means to have a dog, so we take your dog’s safety and your hot tub and pool seriously. You  may consider getting your dog it’s own plastic pool, afterall, safety doesn’t take a holiday.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always here to provide guidance when sanitizing  your pool or hot tub, and our BioGuard ALEX water testing laboratory and Service Department can help you keep your water sparkling clean and disinfected for you and your loved ones!

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