Best Pool Chemicals for Your Pool

What chemicals are the best and which ones can you use? Don’t know where to begin? Below is a list of the chemicals we highly recommend in taking care of your pool and making it sparkle!

Super Soluble

When looking to sanitize your pool, what chemical would be the best in making your pool sparkle while keeping it clean? Super Soluble is an effective chlorinating sanitizer. The use of Super Soluble helps you maintain crystal clear, blue water. Along with providing sparkling water, it also kills bacteria and algae. It is fast-dissolving, has an easy application process, and is suitable for all pool types.


  • Restores water clarity
  • For all pool surfaces
  • Quick-dissolving stabilized chlorinating granules
  • Stabilized protection against sunlight
  • Excellent for sanitizing small, above-ground pools
Super Soluble – 5 lb

Easy Shock & Swim

Another great product that helps keep your pool looking crystal clear and blue, is the BioGuard Easy Shock and Swim. If using weekly, it will keep your pool in great shape. Utilizing advanced, patented technology, it oxidizes organic contaminants that cause cloudy water, musty odors, and eye irritation while buffering the pH. While doing so, it clarifies the water using a filter enhancer. The best part is that once treated, you can swim in your pool in as soon as 15 minutes!


  • Restores water sparkle and clarity
  • Removes unpleasant odors
  • Produces super clear water
  • Treat and swim in as soon as 15 minutes
  • For all pool types
Easy Shock & Swim – 2 lb

BurnOut 3 or BurnOut 73

BurnOut is a shock product for the BioGuard 3 Step System. There are two types of BurnOut: BurnOut 3 and BurnOut 73. Weekly use keeps your water crystal blue and sparkling. Utilizing advanced patented technology, BurnOut oxidizes contaminants that cause cloudy water, musty odors, and eye irritation. It dissolves rapidly and works fast and effectively. It is suitable for all pool surface types and can be used in pools sanitized with chlorine or bromine.


  • Maintains brilliantly clear water
  • Destroys organic contaminants
  • Quick dissolving
  • Suitable for all pool types
BurnOut 73 – 1 lb
BurnOut 3 – 1 lb


Oxysheen is a non-chlorine or bromine shock and oxidizing agent. Regular use will oxidize most of the nitrogenous wastes that accumulate in swimming pool water, reducing the demand on the sanitizer. Something to keep in mind is that it is not a sanitizer or algicide.


  • Clears cloudy water
  • Destroys contaminants and odors
  • Shocks non-living matter
  • Contains no chlorine or bromine
  • Fast-dissolving
  • Non-bleaching
Oxysheen – 7 lb

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