Spa Maintenance Tips

Circulation, Filtration, Cleaning and Chemical Treatments are important factors to take into consideration when trying to keep your spa water crystal clear. Circulation is important to remove any stuck debris. It’s also important to ensure that chemicals are thoroughly distributed. Filtration includes cartridge filters. Because they catch the dirt, sweat and oils released in a … Read more

Spa Sanitizers to Clear Water

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Brominating Concentrate Single step, quick dissolving, bromine concentrate has no chlorine odor. This acts as a sanitizer and oxidizer which eliminates the need for multiple chemicals. It is easy to use with no pre-dissolution needed. You can add this into your hot tub while your pump is running. Benefits Instant bromine for spa water Acts … Read more

Cleaning and Problem Solvers

BioGuard® Kleen It® Filter Cleaner is a descaling filter cleaner used to remove metal, scale and dirt from your filter. It will clean sand, DE, and cartridge filters. You can spray or soak your filter with this product. What it does Kleen It® removes metals, dirt and scale from DE, cartridge and sand filters. This … Read more

Pool Water Testing

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Rin Robyn Pools offers water testing in all of our locations, Chester and Hackettstown, using state of the art BioGuard ALEX® Professional Water Testing. Fill up a clean testing bottle and bring the water to the store.  The best water samples  are drawn elbow deep below the water surface. Once the results of your water … Read more

Sanitizers to Clean Water

Killing bacteria and preventing algae is an important step in maintaining a comfortable pool to swim in. Sanitizers are a main chemical of proper pool maintenance.  The SilkGuard® Complete Sticks and tabs are a special BioGuard blend that can only be found with BioGuard Dealers. SmartGuard® technology makes the tabs and sticks last longer than … Read more

Preventing Staining & Build-Up

Pool Magnet Plus is a metal stain protector. This chemical prevents and removes stains caused by iron, copper and manganese. It will help get rid of any discolored water caused by metals. Pool Magnet Plus is an easy to apply highly concentrated formula. BioGuard® Pool Magnet® Plus Benefits Prevents stains caused by metals Removes fresh … Read more