3 Things To Know When You’re Buying a Hot Tub

So you’re thinking of buying a hot tub and you’re concerned about its shell color, cabinet color, insulation, cover lifter, horsepower, jet count and a whole host of other things that have to do with hot tubs.

And, those things are all important, but here are 3 things to be sure about even before you start shopping.

1) Where are you going to put the tub? It has to be on something flat and strong! Do you have a masonry patio for it? Do you need to pour a concrete slab for it? Some wooden decks may be strong enough to support a hot tub, which can weigh upwards of 1-1/2 tons, and some decks may not be. You need to be sure about this, and if you’re not, you should consult a professional. We can provide that service also.

2) Electrical power is needed to run the hot tub. Smaller hot tubs are sometimes “plug and play”, which means you can just plug them into a GFI protected outlet. But most hot tubs require 240V electrical, just like an electric stove or an electric dryer. This means that you’ll probably need an electrician to do that installation. And it’s important that the electrician knows where on the tub that the power needs to connect. We can provide you with a referral for an electrical contractor if you need one.

3) Access to the equipment bay is necessary. If you’re going to build the tub into a deck, it’s really important to allow for a technician to be able to open the equipment bay door. This will be located on one side of the tub and it’s important that you know which side and have a plan to allow access – especially if you intend to build the hot tub into a deck. We can help you with that too! Just ask.

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