3-Step BioGuard Care System

Keep your pool sparkling clear by following these three easy steps!

Step 1: Sanitize to Clean Water

SilkGuard Complete tabs and sticks keeps your water sanitized and smooth. These tabs and sticks kill bacteria, prevent algae, release a slow dissolving sanitizer, and contain SunShield technology to keep the chlorine in your pool’s water.

Step 2: Shock to Remove Contaminants

Smart Shock kills bacteria and contains blue alga fighting crystals. Smart shock also clarifies water using a filter enhancer.

Step 3: Algae Prevention

Prevent algae before it starts with Algae Complete. This is BioGuards best performing algaecide. With its dual active ingredients it kills and prevents algae. There’s no need to pre dissolve, this is a non-staining and non-foaming chemical. 

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