We are proud to offer BioGuard pool care products!

BioGuard offers professional, quality products that are the best solution for your pool and spa care needs. They include:

  • Chlorine and Non-Chlorine Sanitizers
  • Algae Killing and Preventative Algaecides
  • Shock to Remove Contaminants
  • Saltwater Pool Care Products
  • Cleaning and Problem Solvers
  • Water Balancers
  • Water Enhancers

Digital Water Testing with ALEX

BioGuard pioneered the idea of computerized pool water analysis. Bring in a water sample from your pool today and we’ll give you a complete, personalized analysis for start-up, closing and maintenance.

For chlorine/bromine pools...

The 3-Step Pool Care System

We encourage the 3-Step Program approach to pool care. Simply put, it’s the easiest path to sparkling clear pool water.

Never worry about algae or cloudy water again! Learn about our Tru-Blue Promise →

For saltwater pools...

SaltScapes System

Saltwater pools are favored for their simpler and gentler approach to pool care, but they do have some unique maintenance needs when compared to traditional chlorine pools. The SaltScapes Saltwater Pool Care System was designed specifically for saltwater pools and provides everything you will need to keep your saltwater pool sparkling and protect your equipment and pool surfaces.

SunShield Stabilizer
pH Reducer
Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer
Scale Defender
Cell Cleaner
Algae Remover
Salt Level & Balancing Test Strips

Mineral Springs System

The Mineral Springs system utilizes easy-to-apply minerals and a chlorine generator to produce a chlorine sanitizer. It takes only five minutes a week to maintain – in fact, once you’ve begun the system, you only have to add the Renewal® product once a week. That’s it!

Mineral Springs Beginnings
Mineral Springs Renewal
Mineral Springs Cell Cleaner
Mineral Springs Stain & Scale
Mineral Springs Convert