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Design/Build means that our designs always begin in concert with the client. Designing and building swimming pools has changed dramatically over the years, and today a comprehensive plan for the entire environment involves a knowledge of art, landscape design, engineering and technology on the part of the design team. James and Hae-Sun Robyn view each project as a work of art and collaborate closely with clients in the design of their project.

We implement an Integrated Planning Process for every project to achieve the best quality results. Our approach to a project is to coordinate a design team that includes engineers for the topographical and structural issues, landscape designers for the aesthetics of the hardscape and softscape design, and pool/pond experts for the watershape and hydraulic designs.

Detailed scaled drawings of the project are prepared and reviewed with the client. Sketches and 3D renderings are also provided to assist the client in visualizing how the finished site will look.

To facilitate design and consulting work with geographically dispersed clients, the Robyns use the internet and Virtual Meeting technology.  Upon acceptance of the design work, a Project Manager is assigned, permits are applied for, and the building planning is begun.  The firm uses Project software to monitor the construction of the project and ensure that it is built on time and on budget.

James and Hae-Sun Robyn at work in their design studio