James G. Robyn
Owner, Rin Robyn Pools 

James Robyn is the president and CEO of Rin Robyn Pools, drawing on over 40 years of watershapes experience in the swimming pool industry with Rin Robyn Pools. James designs and consults on swimming pool plans throughout the Americas, focusing on both aesthetic design elements and on the technology utilized. His work won a prestigious Aqua Magazine CHOICE Award (1st Place) in 2012 for a natural pool project in Princeton, NJ. Robyn is also the founder and president of BioNova® Natural Pools, a firm that provides support for a network of design / build professionals promoting residential natural swimming pools throughout North America.
Mr. Robyn lectures frequently and has addressed groups at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, the Rutgers University School of Environmental Studies and the University of Colorado School of Design, the NY Botanical Gardens and other botanical garden venues, as well as numerous American Society of Landscape Architect's state chapters and the ASLA Annual Meeting.  He has authored articles for Pool and Spa News, WaterShapes magazine and Aqua magazine and his work has been featured in many other publications. James is an Instructor for the American Society of Landscape Architects on natural swimming pools, he is on the faculty of the Genesis University as an instructor in natural swimming pool engineering and he is the founder and president of the Association for Swimming Ponds and Natural Swimming Pools, a non-profit dedicated to the NSP industry.
An instrument rated private pilot, Robyn has flown a circumnavigation of the Hawaiian Islands, he has actually landed at Chicago's Meigs Field (well known from the original Microsoft Flight Simulator), overflown the Grand Canyon, been cleared for a low approach "buzz" of the Space Shuttle Landing Runway at Cape Canaveral and flown through the Bermuda Triangle and survived.
A graduate of Colgate University with a degree in Astrogeophysics, Robyn also holds an MBA in International Management with a concentration in German, from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.